A conservation ranger is a security operator whose mission is to understand and protect our planet's biodiversity.​
As an educational NON-profit NGO, our main tasks are to EDUCATE the public on biodiversity conservation and to support both private and governments parks in the fight against poaching by providing 100% free of charge training, mentoring, equipment and trained international volunteers.

We all are volunteers who donate their time and money to protect our planet: each one with different background and experience, but everybody everyone offering his\her unique insights on Conservation and specific skillset to the parks in need.

Former Military\Law Enforcement personnel, EMTs and Security Contractors but also Firefighters, Biologists and Doctors.
The fight for our planet will take all their combined knowledge  to be effective and successfull.

Our mission is to establish and train both Parks Rangers and International Volunteers to a set standard in the skills necessary to support and supplement anti-poaching and conservation efforts worldwide: a professional approach by specialized professionals is required to improve the terrible sintuation.
By creating a pool of professionals with tested and effective Standard Operational Procedures, we are able to adapt and tailor solutions to Parks all over the world.
The battle to protect endangered species is the purest of all, no one will thank you, but it makes the difference whether the next generations will be able to see elephants, rhinos, lions, cheetahs, pangolins, gorillas, snow leopards, and many many others.​
The high demand of wildlife parts from Asia is the primary cause of the current slaughter. 
On one side few good and brave warriors (both armed and unarmed), on the other criminal syndicates ruled by merciless businessmen.
The corruption levels in the developing Countries (where most of the biodiversity of our planet still exists) is so high that poaching syndicates get stronger every day, making our battle even more inequal.