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A conservation Ranger is a security operator whose mission is to understand and protect our planet's biodiversity.​   

C.R.O.W. is a Non-Profit organization registered 501(c)(3) in the US; our mission as an International, Educational Institution is to establish and train Rangers to a set standard in the skills necessary to support, train, and supplement anti-poaching and conservation efforts worldwide.
Art can play an essential role for Conservation spreading worldwide, in all her forms, the importance and loveliness of Biodiversity.

For this preason CONSERVATION RANGERS OPERATIONS WORLDWIDE supports the outstanding paintings by Elena Ballarini, involved in Conservation since she was very young

We are honored to present you her Artwork.

Elena Ballarini

Born in Milan, Italy in 1984, Elena Ballarini began to develop her passion for Wildlife Art after attending art school
through her desire to recreate the beauty of nature. Her works, painted entirely by hand using acrylic paint,
are in fact the result of long, meticulous observation. Indeed, drawing inspiration from both reality
and the many photographs she has personally taken, she creates her paintings, each time creating a new composition,
by changing poses, the lighting, inserting or removing elements and finally deciding on which ones to 
emphasise. This is the distinctive characteristic that makes her creations unique.

To achieve these results, she uses a very accurate personal painting technique, recreating,
through numerous thin layers of paint, all the details that, just as in nature, are only visible upon careful inspection.
Through the eyes, heart and hands of the artist, stroke by stroke, the animals portrayed in her paintings come alive,
giving life to works that go beyond photography.

In 2011, the prestigious Canadian "Artists for Conservation" Foundation chose her to become one of their select group of 500 artists from around the world who work for the conservation and protection of species at risk of extinction.

In 2012, she was selected, along with fourteen other international artists, to participate in the "Japan Wildlife Center Wildlife Fine Art Exhibition" at the Machida Museum of Graphic Arts in Tokyo. Since 2012, she has had a permanent exhibition in a gallery in Milan, Italy at Via Madonnina 4, in the Brera district. Her works are very popular and are currently held in private collections in Italy, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Scotland, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.​


Title: "Hearing the silent"
Subject: Snow Leopard
Tecnique: Acrylic on mdf
Original measures: 56 x 46 cm
Year: 2018
Title: "Two steps from hell"
Subject: African Lion
Acrylic on mdf
Measures: 41 x 41 cm
Year: 2018
Title: "Out of the shadows"
Subject: Jaguar
Techniques: Acrylic on mdf
Measures:  42 x 37 cm
Year: 2018
Title: "Blue Marlin"
Subject: Blue Marlin
Techniques: Acrylic on mdf
Measures:  70 x 40 cm
Year: 2016
Title: "Softness"
Subject: Snow Leopard Baby
Techniques: Acrylic on mdf
Measures:  31 x 28 cm
Year: 2018
Title: "Arctic"
Subject: Polar Bear
Techniques: Acrylic on mdf
Measures: 90 x 54 cm
Year: 2016
Title: "Funny frog"
Subject: Agalychnis callidryas Frog
Tecnique: Acrylic on mdf
Original measures: 30 x 24 cm
Year: 2017
Title: "Stay with me"
Subject: Wolves
Techniques: Acrylic on mdf
Measures:  45 x 31 cm
Year: 2016
Title: "Not only ivory"
Subject: African Elephant
Tecnique: Acrylic on mdf
Original measures: 29 x 25 cm
Year: 2017
Title: "White Rhino"
Subject: White Rhino
Tecnique: Acrylic on mdf
Original measures: 37x 25 cm
Year: 2014

AJ Frena

AJ Frena is an illustrator from Texas who studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
AJ's work has been commissioned by various high-profile companies in fashion and advertising and has been shown in galleries across the world, including the Margulies Collection and the Onassis Cultural Centre.
Their work has been featured by publications such as ImagineFX, Hi-Fructose Magazine, 2D Artist Magazine, Lost at E Minor, Comics Beat, Empty Kingdom, and Illustration Friday, and has been published in the prestigious American Illustration annuals.

Registered Non Profit Organization 501 (c) (3)
261 Rhoades St.
Azle TX 76020-0000, United States of America